GurneyGoo and tips for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast

Give your race the best shot…. don’t let preventable chafing and blisters slow or stop you!

Once chafing and blisters irritate you, they don’t improve, in fact they always get worse, and your race performance will only decrease. I know it personally from 30 years of racing this incredible event. They’re totally preventable problems.

Peeing in the kayak & on the bike

Yup, it’s normal to pee in your kayak, (it’s a long way to hang on!)

And on the bike, when you’re in a bunch you definitely don’t want to stop to pee coz’ you’ll lose the aerodynamic bunch advantage. Peeing yer pants is nothing a wash won’t fix, ….

But it’s the uncomfortable rash and chafing from urine which will slow you down!

Use GurneyGoo to prevent this rash by rubbing in a moderate coating around your crotch and inner thighs the morning of the race.

GurneyGoo will not only waterproof the area from the urine, but it also contains natural antiseptic, Tea-Tree Oil to prevent rash and infection. (smells good too!)

Using GurneyGoo for the Coast to Coast

It's 243Km from the West coast to the East and it's going to take an absolute minimum of around 11 hours of constant movement to make it - and that's if you're at the pointy end, it's a lot longer for most.

The last thing you need is a blister or a chafe that you have to live with for the duration of the race - that's going to slow you down. Worse than that it's going to affect how you move and put you at risk of a joint or muscle injury from that change in gait or stroke.

Paddlers “handy” tip

5 times, I’ve kayaked across the Cook Strait  (the stretch of ocean between the North and South Islands of New Zealand). The strait can be deadly treacherous at times, but with thorough, preparation, planning and patience to wait for a weather window, it can be a stunningly scenic, and very rewarding paddle.

George Sound swampy mission

We’d considered George Sound a true adventure….Well the adventure is  actually getting to George Sound carrying a kayak! (and back again!)
It’s one of a multitude of Sounds, Fiords and inlets in the famous Fiordland, and is about halfway between Milford and Doubtful sounds.

Fiordland adventures involve notoriously and continuously wet feet, along the major threat of  blisters and trench foot.  A threat that we simply and elegantly solved by using GurneyGoo.